How It Works

When you send emails to invalid email addresses, they bounce. Email providers like Gmail monitor for these bounces and use this to assign you a lower reputation. When your reputation gets too low, your emails get sent to spam or just blocked.

Email Ready keeps you out of trouble by validating your email addresses before you mail them. Email Ready can reduce your bounce rate by 99%, so that your messages get where they are meant to, the inbox.

Verification is easy, simply upload your list and we do the rest.

If you talk to a programmer they will tell you something like "that is just SMTP and MX validation" but that is not the case. Less than 5% of our checks involve an SMTP check. Our validator uses proprietary methods to validate against the big players like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Office 365 and

We're used throughout the industry to not only validate new lists as the data is recorded, but also for refreshing old lists to make sure delivery is optimal. We're constantly validating our technique and making sure our system is working at optimal levels.

We use multiple levels of checks:

* Syntax check
* Domain check
* MX check
* Spam check
* Fake checks
* SMTP check
* Grey listing
* Catch-all check
* Proprietary checks

Did you realize that over 10% of all email addresses are misspelled? Even when someone intends on giving you their correct email address, you could be wasting money buying leads due to poor validation.

We can even help you segment your list, so all Google Apps domains or Office 365 domains are treated the same.

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